Chris Lord-Alge Guitars Plugin Review

The Chris Lord-Alge Guitars plugin from waves does some things quite well, and has a drawback, or two.
Here’s the big picture, and a more detailed video explanation/demo below.


  • Pop it on and be ready to go with a usable guitar sound, within a few seconds.
  • Prepackaged EQ — bass and treble controls in the spots Chris Lord-Alge finds most useful.
  • Three settings each,  for reverb, delay and pitch effects (chorus like).
  • Clean, Crunch, and Heavy sounds.
  • Ability to re-amp, so you can record your guitar direct, and change the sound later.
  • Lots of presets.


  • The delay makes de-tuned sounds during tempo changes.
  • Not incredibly flexible (it’s not supposed to do everything). You can’t change the center frequencies on the EQ, for example.
  • Noise on the heavier settings.


Some guitar processing plugins try to do it all. They have a zillion different effects, amps, and sounds. That can be cool. This plugin isn’t that. Its function is to get you a usable guitar sound, with common options for tweaking. It’s a time saver. If you like how it sounds, you’ll use it a lot.

If you’re an experienced engineer, know all the tricks, and have a bunch of amp sims, and tons of effects plugins, this might not do anything for you. But if you’re looking for good sounds, out of the box, without it taking a lot of time, this just might do the trick.


Watch the Chris Lord-Alge Guitars Plugin Review on YouTube.

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